4 Best Places To Eat Close To Our Office At Nikolaj Plads 34

Copenhagen is world-known as a culinary hotspot boasting more than 23 Michelin stars combined, the world’s second best restaurant, Noma, and is at the centerstage of the New Nordic cuisine movement. This movement have made Copenhagen a paradise for foodies – not just for the affluent, since the movement have raised the bar for foodies in all genres and at any range of budget. So without further ado, here is our 5 best picks for places serving up mouthwatering food for affordable prices in the vicinity of our office at Nikolaj Plads 34.

Restaurant Maven

Maven is located right next to our office at Nikolaj Plads 34 inside the old, throning Nikolaj Church. The restaurant have a fantastic ambiance that scream old world charm and here you can really bask in historical surroundings. Depending on the weather and time of the day you’ll be seated inside or outside. This will be followed by you being treated to some of Copenhagen’s best modernized version of Danish Smørrebrød (i.e. open-faced sandwiches) or a very nice dinner at a very high culinary level.


Right next to our office at Nikolaj Plads 34 you’ll find an unassuming cellar, where you’ll head down some stars before you standing in the center of the old-school restaurant Slotskælderen. The restaurant is a lunch favorite with the locals for the traditional version of the Danish Smørrebrød (i.e. open-faced sandwiches), which is of course served with the traditional Danish side wagon consisting of a beer and a Danish schnapps.

Krogs Fiskerestaurant

Copenhagen has a proud history as an old fishing village and Krogs Fiskerestaurant is the oldest fish restaurant in town. Beloved by locals and located a 2 minute walk from our office at Nikolaj Plads 34, you’ll be treated to some of Copenhagen’s best fish either for dinner or on a Danish Smørrebrød (i.e. open-faced sandwiches) for lunch. Settle down and taste the wonders of the Danish sea in a friendly and informal atmosphere with wonderful views of Christiansborg Palace.

Broens Gadekøkken

If you would rather skip the restaurant and just grab some grub from the streets, Broens Gadekøkken is located 10 min walk away from our office at Nikolaj Plads 34. When you have crossed Copenhagen’s inner harbor bridge at New Harbor to the beautiful Christianshavn, you’ll have a mouth-watering selection of foods from some of Copenhagen’s best culinary concepts street-food style. Sit down and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with the locals and enjoy the magnificent views from this central location.

Want more recommendations?

If you would like to have further recommendations for more food, drinks or activities in Copenhagen, please feel free to ask your guide after your Segway or bike tour. Call this our little added-bonus concierge service!


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