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Segway Tours Copenhagen are Denmark´s Longest Established Segway Sightseeing Tour and the Only Authorized Segway Tour Operator in Denmark.
# 1 activity in Copenhagen at TripAdvisor since 2011 and highest rated Tour Operator.

The #1 Segway Tour in Copenhagen & Denmark

With up to 6 daily sightseeing tours, 12 friendly tour guides and up to 60 segways in our fleet Segway Tours Copenhagen always have a tour that will match your schedule.

We are the # 1 Segway Tour operator in Denmark and Copenhagen but don’t just take our word for it. More than 2300 of our guests have been kind enough to award us with 5 stars and excellent reviews on Tripadvisor.

From 2013 we even had the honor to be selected as “Worlds Best Segway Tour” by Segway Nordic.

Always Conducted in Small Groups

A Segway tour with Segway Tours Copenhagen is a great way to get you introduced to Copenhagen in a fun, safe and easy way. We always conduct our tours in small groups, 4-8 prs. and max. 12 prs. This make our professional guides able to focus on all of our guests, get to know them and provide them all with a world-class experience. This small group format furthermore allow us to us provide personalized recommendations based on your interests after the tour have been completed.

The only authorized Segway Tour in Copenhagen

Segway authorized tours meet a high standard for providing customers a safe and memorable experience. They provide the highest quality tour in their area. Authorized tour operators deliver the utmost in safety and training – providing fun instruction, smaller guide-to-glider ratio, in-depth knowledge of technical and practical usage and have been vetted for whether they conform to all local regulations.

In doubt what tour or operator to choose?

If you have any doubts – please have a look at our many reviews on Tripadvisor that really show how truly awesome cruising a Segway in Copenhagen can be. And if you still have any concerns, please feel free to call us on 22 28 24 00.

Come ride with us!


“My greatest joy is to see the happy faces of our guests when they return from one of our Segway Tours. We are your guarantee for an experience that will exceed even your highest expectations.”

Uffe Folkmann


Why choose us?

  • Personal and qualified training before riding the Segway
  • Lots of unique and fascinating stories about Copenhagen
  • Live commentary in English
  • Hi-Fi wireless quality headsets
  • Always conducted in small groups
  • New and cool Casco helmets
  • Best rated Segway Tour in Denmark by TripAdvisor Users
  • Winner “Best Segway Tour Operator” by Segway Nordic
  • The only Authorized Segway Tour in Copenhagen
  • Newest fleet of original Segways in Denmark
  • More than 14 years of experience

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